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How to Create an Online Account to View Paystubs


Please see the guide below to login and create an account to view your paystubs and W2s. You can also edit your address, W4 and direct deposit directly inside the website!

Step 1:

Go to your greenshades portal and click on Create an account.


Step 2:

Enter in an email address of your choice. It is recommended that you use a personal email address and not your work email. See the screenshot below for restrictions for creating a password.


Step 3:

After hitting Continue, you will see this screen pop-up alerting you to go to your email you setup your account with. Go to your email and within the verification email you will see a link to click on to continue your registration.


Step 4:

Follow the link in the email to continue to the next screen and enter your social security number and your last name or DOB.


Step 5:

Once again you will get a verification screen to follow thru. After that a screen should pop up that your account has been verified.




Step 6:

Log into your account with the email address and password you setup during the registration process. After logging in you will go thru a sequence of questions for the first login only to set preferences and confirm your address.

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