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Standard Operating Procedure: Power BI Reports for Power Users

Standard Operating Procedure:

Power BI Reports for Power Users


To establish guidelines for creating and maintaining new Power BI Reports. All users are responsible for the following this SOP.



Portal: Vizion 360 Impact Portal

Power BI Web:

Talentlaunch Playground : This is the workspace in Power BI Web.

Branding: This are based on each OCs style guide for Marketing.



1.  Log into

2.  Locate Workspaces -> TalentLaunch Playground

3.  Click into the TalentLaunch Playground

4.  Navigate to Datasets

5.  Click on the chart under Actions (see screenshot below)


6.  Start Creating your report

7.  When the Report is complete go to File -> Save As. At this point it will ask you to name your report.

8.  Please make sure to use the naming convention as follows(No spaces until Report name):

      a.  OC–UserName(FLast)–Report Name

      b.  Examples :

AIS-Jwittine-Open Job Orders

ASG-MKotora-Sourcing Report

ASG-KKramer-Recruiting Report

ASG-DPeters-Client by Connects

BSC-KAho-Active Placements

Search-MErney-Open Job Orders

ST-SCox-Sales Report

TL-DPittak-Executive Report

TMG-MMongillo-KPI Weekly Report


9.  At this point it is time to evaluate your report.

10. Will you want this report published to the portal? If yes, Please continue!

11. When you are ready to publish to the portal, create a Service Request inside of Freshservice it will be the Power BI Push Report to Portal Request.

12. The Service Request form will ask 3 questions :

      a.  What is the name of the Report?

      b.  How many people are looking at this report?

      c.  What is the goal you are trying to achieve?

      d. Would you like this Report emailed to you? 

            - If yes, How frequently do you want the report emailed? 

            - if weekly what day of the week? 

13. When the Request is submitted someone in IT will take that report and add Branding to the report.

14. After we apply the Branding we will then publish this to the Portal and update the ticket when it is available.


Things to Keep In Mind:

1.  When creating the report name follow the standard naming convention.

2.  If the report is only going to be used by 1 person, IT will not publish the report to the Portal.

3.  If a report has not been used for over 15 weeks, IT will be removing it from the TalentLaunch Playground and Archiving the report in Google Drive.

4.  If a Power User has been inactive for 30 Days, IT will be removing the user.


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