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SOTC Presentation Template

  1. The template will come in with numerous slides you can use to build the content of your presentation. Move these slides around and add your content to them. Delete any slides you don't want to use.

  2. Each template has been loaded with basic master slides you can use in addition to the slides you see in the presentation. These are good for content slides with paragraph copy, bulleted content, etc. There is also a selection of title slide (first slide) options you can choose from. You can add basics slides by clicking on the + sign on the very left of your menu and selecting a slide option that suits your needs.  

    NOTE: If you are copy and pasting content/text from another place into slides, use PASTE WITHOUT FORMATTING when pasting content into the slide text box. There are several ways to do this, but the easiest way is to click in the content/text box, right mouse click and select PASTE WITHOUT FORMATTING. You may need to tweak the formatting after that (bullets, bold/italicized, etc.) 

  3. Your OC colors are listed in the color pallete under "THEME"

  4. The very last slides of the template provide a Style Guide & Assets (fonts, logos, icons, or any other graphics/info) you might need to add to your presentation.
    Note: see instructions in the notes section below those slides. Other slides may also have instructions on how to swap out photos or use features.

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