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Video Job Descriptions Are Here!

Marketing is excited to offer a Video Job Description ticket in Freshservice starting now! As we get into 2020, it only becomes more and more imperative that video is added to the toolbox of our recruiters, and marketing efforts on social media. Studies show that video recruiting results in 66% more qualified leads per year, and generates 50% more applicants per ad. By adding video to your social media strategy, you increase your shares per post by 1200% and website visits by 150%. These statistics are staggering, and truthfully, unignorable. It is time to start taking advantage of the tool of video recruiting in 2020, and marketing is here to help make that possible.


With this offering, there is some flexibility when it comes to the style of video that marketing can produce for you. You can produce a more standard style of video that is meant to describe a specific position itself. From there, you can go down 3 different avenues. 

  1. Video Job Post - These videos take the shortest time to create and publish. Using text and images, they highlight key points of the job such as pay, hours, location, and qualifications. 

  2. Recruiter Video - Features the recruiter speaking about the position, giving the viewer a more credible feel. 

  3. Onsite Video - Features the client company itself. These videos take a longer time to produce, but give them a chance to see the actual place they will be working, and the people they will be working with and for. 

  4. Culture Video - These videos take the longest time to produce, but are great for large clients who have several openings and a great culture and facility to showcase. 

It is marketing’s goal to make this video offering as simple for you as possible. As mentioned, you start the process by entering a Freshservice ticket. In the ticket, you get to choose the style of video you would like and give us some basic details that we need to get the process underway. If you select a Video Job, marketing has everything that we need to produce your video from the ticket alone. If you would like to produce a Recruiter or Onsite video, you will receive a document that gives you further instructions on what videos we need you to gather for us before we can begin to produce. 

We strongly encourage you to not be intimidated by these types of video because of the work on your end. The guide is easy to follow and can be a very quick process. These videos do require more work, but they will yield a greater reward in the end. Once you have gotten marketing all the information and videos that we need to produce, we will take it from there and get back to you with a completed product that is ready for your social media!

    Take a look at this infographic to learn more! 

If you have any other questions regarding this new offering, please feel free to reach out to the marketing team! We have provided you with some FAQs below that you can refer to first. If you still have some questions, we’d love to hear them!


Q: How do I get a video job description produced?

A: Easy! Just submit a ticket on Freshservice and marketing will begin the process.

Q: What kind of video job descriptions are there?

A: There are 4. There's Video Jobs Posts, Recruiter Videos, Onsite Videos and Culture Videos. You can learn more about each of the 4 HERE: Infographic

Q: How long will it take to get a video job description?

A: It depends on the type of video you would like. For Video Job Posts we expect 2-3 business days. For Recruiter Videos, 3-5 business days after you have given us the materials we need. For Onsite Videos, 1-2 weeks after we have received materials from you and for Culture Videos, about 2-4 weeks.

Q: Do I need to film anything?

A: If you are requesting a Video Job Post, no. But if you are asking for a Recruiter, Onsite or Culture video, yes. When you submit your ticket for one of these 3 videos in Freshservice, you will get a reply back with a packet that contains materials you will need to gather for marketing, along with filming best practices. Our goal with these packets was to make your work as fast and easy as possible!

Q: What are the benefits of a video job description?

A: There are countless benefits of Video Job Descriptions. Some of the most recognizable are that video jobs receive 66% more qualified lead per year, increase website traffic by 150%, generate 50% more applications and achieve 1200% more shares than text and image posts on social media.

Q: Do I need to post the video on social media myself?

A: Nope! Marketing will publish all video job descriptions on your OC's social accounts as appropriate. However, we ALWAYS encourage sharing these posts on your personal accounts, too!

Q: Once the video is produced, where can I find it?

A: You can find the video in the drive folder '2020 Video Job Descriptions' within your OC's drive. Depending on which OC you are, you may have to go one level deeper into a 'marketing' folder before you see it.

Q: How does 'boosting' work?

A: Boosting' just means that you pay a little money to have your video reach more eyes on Facebook.

Q: Does it cost anything to make a video?

A: No! The only time having a video job description produced would cost you any money is if you paid for it to get boosted.

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