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Freshservice - Getting Started

Getting Started with Freshservice

Use this guide to get started with the Freshservice software. You will learn how to search for solutions, create a support ticket, see the status of your ticket, and change the status of your ticket.

  1. Access Freshservice through: 
    1., or 
    2. Go to “Managed Bookmarks” at the top left of your screen, or 

    3. In Google Chrome: 
      1. From your gmail or gcalendar in Google Chrome, click on the waffle icon at the top right of your screen. 

      2. Scroll to bottom and click on the Freshservice logo 

  2. Search for an answer to your question/issue using the search icon 
    1. The tool will autofill to assist you with finding a solution. Click on an existing ticket or solution for an answer. 

    2. Or, click on the Solutions tab to explore how-to’s and learn best practices from the IT team. 
  3. If you are unable to find a solution or an existing ticket with the same issue, click the New Ticket button at the top right of your screen. 

    1. Use the Search a requester field to submit a ticket on behalf of yourself or another employee. 
    2. Put as much information as possible in the description. 
    3. Use the Attach a file link to include a screenshot, document or any other information that may be helpful when troubleshooting. 
    4. Click Submit at the bottom of page 
  4. To check the status of your tickets, go to Your Tickets or the Tickets tab. 

    1. Click on the ticket name to add or change information, reply, mark ticket as closed, or add people. 
    2. You will also be alerted via email when the status of your ticket changes. 
  5. Once your ticket is resolved, please complete the emailed survey. Your responses are reviewed by the IT team weekly to improve their service model for the entire network. 

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