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Windows / Citrix - Changing your Login Password

How to change your Citrix / Windows Password

Every 90 days you will be prompted to change your XenApp/Windows login password.

Starting at 14 days before the change is required, you will receive a prompt like the one below, please do not wait until the password is completely expired as it will prevent you from logging in. 

  1. Click on Start - Windows Security

  2. Click on "Change a Password"

  3. Enter your old password in the box labeled "Old password" and your new password, with confirmation, in the "New password" boxes. A "good" password is one that contains letters of different cases, numbers and special characters (LikeTh1s%)

  4. You will see a dialog as your password change is processed

  5. A confirmation box will appear once the password has been changed

  6. Click OK

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