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How To use Remote Desktop from Pixelbook to Helpmates

HOW TO RDP from a Pixelbook to the Helpmates network

Go to

Login with your credentials using this method: helpmates\your username and your password for logging into thin-client sessions.

Click on the desktop icon to download the RDP client. 

Go to the folder where the client is stored. Show in folder in lower right. 

Right click (use two finger tap on a trackpad) and open with RDP client application. 

(You may likely need to do this step twice since the Remote application needs the “Accept” clicked before it will open the RDP client that you downloaded.)

Keep defaults checked and check “never ask again for connections on this pc” and click Connect.

Enter your credentials again using helpmates\your username and password and click “continue”

Once you’ve connected, the desktop should stay saved in your Remote Desktop software. You should be able to just open the RD Client application and click on the desktop to begin a remote session. 

Remote sessions will always request your credentials twice. Use the same credentials: helpmates\your username. 

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