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How to Login and Out of Citrix From a Chromebook

Step 1: Click the start button (white circle located at the bottom left of the primary screen) to open the Chromebook Start Menu  

(If you already have Citrix Receiver  on your screen, click this icon and skip to step 4)

Step 2: Type "Workspace" in the Start Menu Search Field. 

Step 3: Click the Workspace App. If you don't have this app install it via this link Here


Step 4: Next you will be prompted to enter your Username and Password.

  • Username = First Initial + Last Name (i.e. ZFincham)
  • Password = Same as your GSuite Password (Default is Talent123!)

Step 5: Select either Desktops or Apps depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

  • Desktop if you would like a full windows environment

  • App if you only want to run a Microsoft application without a full desktop

Step 6: A new window will now open to allow you to either be in full windows desktop or deliver the app you selected. 

Logging Out Of Citrix

Step 1: Click the Windows Start Menu. 

Step 2: Click the icon two icons above that looks like a little person.

Step 3: Now click Sign Out

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