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How to Login to Bonney Avionte Through Citrix on a Chromebook

Step 1: Click the start button (white circle located at the bottom left of the primary screen) to open the Chromebook Start Menu 

**Note: If you already have Citrix Receiver  on your screen, click this icon and skip to Step 4.

Step 2: Enter "Workspace" in the Start Menu Search field. 

Step 3: Click the Workspace App 

Step 4: You will be prompted to enter your Username and Password. Click Log On.

  • Username = First Initial + Last Name (i.e. ZFincham)
  • Password = Same as your GSuite Password (Default is Talent123!)

Step 5: Select Desktops.

Step 6: Select TL-AZ-Production Desktop.

Step 7:  Open Google Chrome  once you are in your Production Desktop.

Step 8: Login to Google Chrome either by the profile icon in the middle of your screen or the Add Person button.

Step 9: Login using your Username (email) Password.

**Note if that does not work, remove all listed people on the screen above and run through Add Person button.


Step 10: Navigate to the Bonney Avionte Portal at

Step 11: Login to Avionte using your provided Avionte Username Password. (**Reminder: Be sure to always put "Aviontego\" before your username when logging into Avionte)

Step 12: Select Avionte from the screen 

This will download a file  (which will show on the bottom left of your Chrome window) 

Click that download to open.

Step 13: Check "Don't ask me again for remote connections from this publisher" from the screen and click Connect.

Step 14: You will be prompted to login 1 more time, be sure to have "AvionteGo\" before your username.

Logging Out Of Avionte & Citrix

Step 1: Click the Avionte Logo in the top corner and then click Close

Step 2: Click the Windows Start Menu

Step 3: Select the profile icon from the menu that looks like a person. 

Step 4: Select Sign Out from the drop-down menu.

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