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Peoplenet - Ended Assignments

For Placements that are still showing up in Peoplenet after they have been ended in Bullhorn:

Peoplenet only receives the last 21 days of data from Bullhorn. If a placement is ended and the end date is more than 21 days in the past, the end date doesn't get to Peoplenet and the candidate or client will still receive emails prompting them to enter a timesheet.  

In these situations, you can end the placements in Peoplenet manually, with the below instructions: 

  1. In PN, if you go to the Unsubmitted tab, you'll see the list of all the employees by client.

  2. To the right you'll see the blue Options button, click that and you'll get a drop down of choices. 

  3. You'll click the End Assignment option, then enter the appropriate end date and click Submit.

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