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Reviewing and Approving Hours From Email Link

Email Time Approval from Bullhorn Peoplenet on Vimeo.

Individual Approval Option

To approve hours for an individual assignment, select at the end of the row for an assignment.

Carefully review any time for the assignment before approving it- this action cannot be reversed.

By approving time, you are authorizing that the time entered for that assignment is accurate.

View Time Details

Hover over the Total Hours hyperlink to view additional details about hours worked. If any overtime or doubletime entries are present, they will appear in this view.

To view the time card with more detail, select: click to view. This will display more information about the day to day time entered for the employee as the Weekly Timesheet (shown below).

Multi Approval Option

1. To approve hours for multiple employees at once, select:

2. Select the time cards you wish to approve or use Select All to approval all time displayed.

3. When you have selected all time sheets you wish to approve, select:

You are done- you have approved the selected time sheets.

Email Time Approval from Bullhorn Peoplenet on Vimeo.

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