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Peoplenet - Employee FAQ

Employee FAQ

How do Employees register?

  • Go to and follow the instructions under “Create an Account. 
  • Assignment information must be in Peoplenet for employees to register 
  • Once registered, employees sign in using their email address for the user id and their password created during the registration process 
  • Employee name must match exactly what is sent to Peoplenet from Bullhorn for registration

Why am I unable to log in?

  • The employee must first register before they can sign in
  • Confirm that the employee’s email address in Peoplenet matches what the employee is using as their user id 
  • If the password is incorrect, use the easy reset password link on the sign in page 

Why am I seeing “no active assignments” after signing in?

  • Employee must be filled on an active assignment in order to enter time 
  • Branch must update assignment dates in Bullhorn so that they are sent to Peoplenet 
  • Select the client in Peoplenet and check the “Details” link next to the employee’s name to see assignment information including start and end dates 

Has my time been approved?

  • Employees can see current time card status on their time entry dashboard 
  • Branch can view status from the Time Management Console to verify approved time 
  • Emails are sent to employees when all time is approved or if time is disputed or rejected by the approver 

Why am I seeing an error message, “try again later” when attempting to save and/or submit timesheets?

  • Peoplenet timed out, please attempt to log out and log back in later to complete 

How do I get help if I have a problem?

  • Your account manager should be able to assist with any question or feel free to contact the Peoplenet help desk directly available on the website or via phone: 1-800-669-9765

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