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Peoplenet - Adding Cell Phone Number to Candidate Record

PEOPLENET: Adding Cell Phone Number to Candidate Record

To enable text messaging through Peoplenet, you can edit a candidate in Peoplenet directly and add a cell phone number in their record with just a few steps. The list below details how to make a change in the Peoplenet record.

Step One: Log in to Peoplenet.

Step Two: Select the branch that corresponds to the candidate's placement from the overview dashboard. 

Step Three: Click the Maintenance drop-down and select Employee Set Up from the taskbar at the top of the screen.

Step Four: Click the drop-down menu under Select Employee. Select the candidate you need to edit. 

Step Five: Click the Other tab at the top of the record.  

Step Six: Enter the cell phone number in the top field under Delivery Info > Text (before the @ symbol). Select the carrier (if known) in the drop-down field underneath labelled Please select

IMPORTANT: Do not edit any other fields! 

Step Seven: Click the green Submit button at the top when you are done. 

All done! 

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