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Peoplenet - Client FAQ

Client FAQ

How do I log in/register?

  • Clients do not register or logon. They are sent an email with a link to the Approval application on the defined schedule (Mon 8 a.m., Tues 8 a.m., and Wed 8 a.m.) 
  • Clients only click the link in this email to access the approval application 

Why did I not receive an approval request?

  • Did the employee submit their time before approval emails were generated? 
  • Is the client set up as the approver? You can check the order in Bullhorn or view the approver’s information in Peoplenet under the unapproved time tab 
  • Verify that the client’s email address is correct 

I don’t see a particular person on my approval request?

  • The approval emails are sent to the primary approver on Mon 8 a.m. and Tues 8 a.m., and to the secondary approver on Wed 8 a.m. If the employee submits their time after these scheduled times, they will not be included on the Approval Request. The brand managers should be monitoring unapproved time and sending requests for time that is submitted late. They should counsel all employees to submit time by Sunday evening to ensure ample time for clients to approve and timecards to process for payroll for the current pay week 

How do I view the time card details?

  • Approvers can select the Total Hours link in the approval application to see the time card details 

Am I able to run reports?

  • Yes, approvers can run reports by selecting “Reports” from the top menu bar. If they need additional reports, the branch can run or schedule reports for them 

How do I dispute time if it is incorrect?

  • Click on the Modify icon next to the employee’s name and enter the approved amount 
  • The approver is primarily responsible for managing disputes 
  • Approvers can also reject the entire timesheet back to the employee 

Can I set up dual approvers?

  • Peoplenet does not allow dual approvers to be set up. Alternate approvers can be set up and by ‘CCing’ the primary approver, both approvers will receive the approval notifications and have the ability to approve timesheets 

How do I get help if I have a problem?

  • Your account manager should be able to assist with any question or feel free to contact the Peoplenet help desk directly available on the website or via phone: 1-800-669-9765 

How can an alternate approver be set if I am out next week?

  • Approver can set an alternate from the application by selecting “alternate approver” in the top menu. 
  • Branch can also set alternate by clicking the approver name under the unapproved time tab in the Time Management Console

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